How to Confidently Make Your Family's Eating a Priority

....Without Stealing More of Your Time and Money

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Wednesday, February 5th

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Who This FREE Webinar Is For:
Mamas who want to have healthier food for their kids 
Women who want to have energy and their body confidence BACK
Women who want their kids to be healthy again

Why you should attend?

  • On this FREE webinar we'll show you how to become more confident and organized in maintaining healthy eating habits for your family!
  • If you want to break though the parenting overwhelm and make healthy eating easier and struggle-free, then you need to attend this incredible webinar event!
  • You can use these techniques to quickly jumpstart your family's healthy eating without robbing more of your time and money!

My Top 3 Secrets Revealed

How To Feed Your Family The Very Best, Without Going Crazy or Doing it Alone

 How to Break Through the Parenting Overwhelm and Reclaim Your Confidence

The 5-Step Method to Overcoming Mealtime Power Struggles and Fast Food Guilt … and much, MUCH More!

I’m Dr. Jessica Payne, Medical Intuitive, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and your go-to guide for living your life naturally.
  • A Mama on a mission
  • ​ A Truth seeker
  • ​Constantly learning and teaching that showing emotion is not weakness
  • ​On a quest to be a global influencer and make an impact for generations to come
  • ​A Teacher. I teach mamas they have an inner voice guiding and directing them always and they can tune out all the noise and find the stillness that leads to all happiness
  • ​A maker, sharer, and donor of money. What I made in the first half of my life will be shared and donated for my entire second half of life. After all we came in with nothing and will go out with nothing...
  • ​A Hippy at heart- barefoot walking, no bra wearing, tree hugging (yes! I do!), no make-up kind of mama—-keeping it real
  • ​ Nature loving explorer
  • ​Constantly working to not judge my self for flaws
  • ​Striving for compassion and love towards myself and enjoying the path of self discovery
  • ​Always eager to learn more and more about my strengths and weaknesses!!!

Here what others say about working with Dr Jessica Payne:

“I had stopped taking my prenatal vitamins about 6 months prior to meeting Dr. Jessica Payne and felt like my body was missing/needing something…After starting her program I noticed I did not need my usual afternoon cup of tea to get through the rest of the day. I have seen an improvement in my energy and motivation.”

“I began working with Dr. Jessica 10 years ago. I came in seeking nutritional help as an alternative to taking medication for my very low calcium and fatigue. Working with Dr. Jessica and taking Juice Plus+ and various other supplements recommended by her, I can report that I am energetic and my calcium has been corrected with no medication! My Experience on a scale of 1-10 has been a 10+!”
Patti B.

“I was experiencing difficulty breathing and frequent brain fogs. Additionally, rheumatoid arthritis was contributing to increasing joint pain. I was also gaining weight despite reducing my caloric intake…Now, after implementing your recommendations, I rarely become winded. My brain works again. I have been able to eliminate my pain medication and have lost the 9 pounds that I gained while taking it. And following your recommendations, I have discontinued 8 of the 9 medications I was taking for my RA!!!!”
Ann W.